One thing any EclipseVox user will tell you is, don't buy your computer-aided transcription (CAT) software based on price.  Buy it for the productivity and efficiency it will offer relative to other CAT programs and for the tech support you'll have access to when you need it.  In virtually all measures, Eclipse leads the market in being a program that actually does something for you and contributes to your efficiency as a reporter. 


EclipseVox has made the notion of conflicts a thing of the past with its Advanced Intelligence and Word Cloud resolution features; shared/collaborative editing is readily available using Connection Magic; AI based editing enhancements and realtime help; integral prefix/suffixes save you strokes; automatic and conditional punctuation saves you hours of editing time; automatic number conversions take the drudgery out of dealing with numbers. 


Invariably, EclipseVox has features like this for ten years or more before other CAT companies figure out how to copy the feature (usually rather poorly).  Eclipse has always been known in the business as the most advanced and productive CAT program available.


Bettye Keyes’ instruction manuals (the gold standard in voice-writing instruction) are written for EclipseVox, offering step-by-step instruction in setup, configuration, and fine tuning of EclipseVox.  She also offers excellent instruction manuals on voice writing technique used by students and professionals around the world.


EclipseVox is the only voice writing CAT software in the business that offers true 24/7/365 tech support.  That means that you're never waiting for some "after business hours" tech rep to call you back from home to try to fix a problem that might require information only available in the office.  You'll never hear "call us back on Monday when the office opens." 


EclipseVox dominates the international CAT world and our tech support availability is just one of the reasons for that.  You never know how valuable that kind of support is until you actually need it in a panic.


EclipseVox is available in either a keyless license (recommended) mode or with a key if you find that you need one.


Exceptional instruction videos, tutorial info, tips and help information on Eclipse are available at Keith Vincent’s web site,


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