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Founded in early 1998, Word Technologies creates and distributes leading-edge technologies for converting spoken word to written text to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governments in the globe.

Applications range from text and data transcription to court and parliamentary reporting and into broadcasting applications for captioning and subtitling. Word Technologies also manufactures inexpensive electronic shorthand keyboards for use in all applications. 


If it's spoken and you want a visual form whether hard copy, captioning, or projection for conferences, Word Technologies is the company that provides the technology to do that.


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Dan has over 38 years’ experience in the reporting, transcription, captioning and voice-technologies products business. 

Dan served in a variety of sales positions at Stenograph Corporation, lastly as Vice President, International Operations. In that capacity, he also served as a member of the Board of Directors, Legal Technologies Limited, London, England, and as Managing Director, Stenograph Limited, London, England. 

He created and implemented a comprehensive international marketing plan aimed at developing a strong position in the international legal, parliamentary, broadcasting and commercial communities. 

In 1998 Dan established Word Technologies, LLC, to better serve the international marketplace with the best multilingual products available.  He designed and developed the first USB-connected shorthand keyboard, the Tréal, and holds a patent for its design.  The Tréal is widely used around the world.

He has been instrumental in establishing numerous international reporter training programs for both stenotype and voice-writing methodologies.  

Consulting services are also available.

Dan received a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and his MBA in International Finance and Organizational Development from the University of Hartford.  He’s a former firefighter, EMT, and Fire Police, and holder of a Private Pilot License.    

        or   or   860-463-8254

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