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Standard Tripods

Model TR1

Standard tripod for sit-down use. Comes with handy leatherette carry bag. Fits most machine writers.

Our Price: $75.99

Model CR1

Features Model TR1 standard tripod and comes with CT1 standard computer tray. High-tech materials provide a stable platform free from wobbling or vibration. The  non-skid 9 5/8" x 12" tray-top connects instantly and securely to the fully adjustable tripod.

Our Price: $110.99

Tripods Accessories

CSK SideKick

SideKick lets you attach a Tréal TR or 2nd tray to your tripod. Includes CSK SideKick only. Order tray separately.

Our Price: $59.99

Model CT1 Standard Tray

This is the standard tray which is included with every tripod. Fits all tripods and the SideKick. Holds all size laptops. Measures 9 5/8" x 12", includes SureGrip surface.

Our Price: $37.99


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