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WT's consulting arm specializes in technology applications for legal, parliamentary and commercial markets. Careful selection from a variety of available technologies is guided by the client’s objectives and timetable as well as funding availability and budgetary constraints.

Word Technologies specializes in conducting:

   :: Rapid Assessments
   :: Feasibility Analysis
   :: Systems Design
   :: Skills Training for Teachers and Professionals
   :: Systems Installation and Integration
   :: Follow-on Assessment and Analysis of Performance

Word Technologies provides technology guidance, skills training and professional development for applications where a written record of spoken proceedings is required, including:

   :: Verbatim reporting
   :: Parliamentary reporting
   :: Conference and commercial record production
   :: Television captioning
   :: Realtime record production
   :: Commission and Ministry reporting


In all projects undertaken, special care is given to conduct assessments and analyses in an unobtrusive manner through observation and interviews with key parties including, by way of illustration, Chief Justices or Court Presidents, Clerks of the Court, Attorneys General, Solicitors General, prosecutors, members of the Bar, Clerks of Parliament, Hansard Editors and others responsible for making parliamentary records. Care is given to determine clearly defined expectations by recipient customers and donor clients so that appropriate measurable solutions can be offered.

The process of analyzing assessment findings, measuring feasibility and determining appropriate solutions is carefully conducted within the framework of the local social and cultural climate so as to ensure the most appropriate solution, set the optimal expectations and define an appropriate set of measurement tools.

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