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  Tréal Realtime Shorthand Keyboard Passport Realtime Shorthand Machine

Tréal by Word Technologies

Tréal Real-time Shorthand Keyboard

Tréal TR Keyboard Our Price: $795*  

* NOTE: 30-day Return Policy with $120 restocking fee.


:: Operating systems - Windows 98, 2000, and XP
:: USB Connection to computer
:: Approximately 18 oz. in weight
:: Approximately 9 inches wide
:: CE & FCC certified
:: Patented Keyboard Design
:: Hard carrying case included
:: One-year warranty included

Alert! Software compatibility

Stenograph Support has advised Case CATalyst clients that the Tréal is compatible with their software simply by attaching a USB-to-Serial adapter between a Tréal shorthand keyboard and their software. This is a grossly inaccurate claim by that company. The Tréal driver must be implemented in the CAT software you use in order to recognize the input device as a Tréal. Many innovative CAT companies have completed this implementation and their customers are able to use the Tréal keyboard. Stenograph has not. Until we have been advised otherwise, it is our position that the Tréal keyboard will not function correctly with their software. Word Technologies will not knowingly sell the Tréal to and returns will not be accepted from users of non-compatible software. If you want to use this very light and inexpensive shorthand keyboard, you'll need Eclipse (www.eclipsecat.com), DigitalCAT (www.stenovations.com), Telitor (www.telitor.com), RapidText (www.rapidtext.com) or check with your CAT vendor to confirm compatibility with your software.

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Great Reasons to Buy

::  Price. The best value in shorthand keyboards. Innovation and productivity at half the price of traditional machines.
::  Additional keys make many new combinations possible.
::  Notable increase in speed and accuracy.
::  The modified 'V' shape provides ergonomic relief coupled with a much lighter touch (picture going from the pounding of the old manual typewriters to the word processor keyboards of today).
::  Tréal comes in a hard cover carrying case and still offers you an extremely lightweight solution (roughly 3.5 lbs in total).

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