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  Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse Our Price: $3,995.00  
Convenience Key for Total Eclipse Our Price: $300.00  
Total Eclipse Editing Software Our Price: $1,595.00  

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Combining an elegant user interface with the most sophisticated programming on the planet, all-new Total Eclipse will leave you spellbound.

Imagine having a CAT system so intelligent that it understands the rules of English. Think of the time you’d save if your untranslates, stacked strokes, and conflicts resolved themselves. Wouldn’t you love it if your software helped you create form pages, automatically converted your numbers, and suggested improvements to your dictionary?

These are the kinds of things that save you time, increase your efficiency, and help you earn more money as a court reporter. And Total Eclipse is loaded with them – literally hundreds of unique features that make it the world’s most innovative CAT software.

Stop fantasizing, and join the thousands of happy CAT users switching to Total Eclipse. You’ll enjoy the continuous upgrades, exceptional support, and peace of mind that only a market leader can provide. And remember: With the Advantage Software support program, you’ll receive all our CAT software updates, upgrades, and rewrites – forever. You’ll never need to buy another CAT program – and you’ll never want to.

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